We hope everybody is having a wonderful Tuesday! During Week 9 at EIS , our students tested their limits in problem-solving within our 6 classes–Biology, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science and Photography. Our presenter of the week was Ms. Amina, a software engineer from Northrop Grumman who encouraged students to pursue their goals and taught them about binary code. At the end of the week, students took what they learned in their classes and went to Belmont Park to learn about how the rides were built. Not only that, but the students also got the opportunity to enjoy the theme park by going on the rides and, most importantly, having fun!

Click here to learn more about Northrup Grumman!

Students are displaying their submarine creations in marine biology class.


Students display their submarines to other students and staff members!


These two students are testing out their submarine in water.


Students smiling for the camera as they display their submarine!


Students are concentrating on painting their volcano.


Students pose for the camera as they display their volcanoes.



Students collaborate with one another as they work on their volcanoes!


Students smiling and having fun on one of the rides at Belmont Park!



Students are thrilled to be riding on the bumper cars!