Future Innovators in Robotics & Engineering (FIRE)

Focusing on getting girls engaged in engineering, EIS offers intensive engineering and computer science programs for middle and high school girls. Led by female coaches and role models, students learn to design, code and build robots in teams. Girls Take Flight

Women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce, but only 29% of the science and engineering workforce.

EIS launched the first Future Innovators in Robotics & Engineering (F.I.R.E.) programs in 2016.

This program is a 3-day intensive summer camp for middle school and high school girls.

Students are introduced to 3-D modeling/printing, compound and robotic machines, and design their own robots using Rokenbok Basic Robotics media. Students also have an opportunity meet and engage with local “Femgineers”.

EIS Botball Team

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In this program, female engineers coach middle school girls to design, build and program an autonomous robot. The team meets weekly and participates in a regional tournament.

The inaugural 2016 team made it to the finals and was recognized by the judges as the “Outstanding Rookie Team”. In 2017, the team competed in the regional tournament with two autonomous robots and won “Outstanding Rookie Team” for the second year in a row. The 2018 team achieved second place in the "Alliance Challenge".

Girls Take Flight

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An innovative program to provide 10th and 11th grade girls extensive hands-on experience building and flying drones as well as exploring their many uses.

There is no cost for students participating in this program.

• Female
• Currently (2018/2019 School Year) in 10th or 11th Grade
• Attends America's Finest Charter, Crawford High School, Gompers Preparatory Academy, Hoover High School, Lincoln High School, Morse High School, or O'Farrell Charter School

Info session for the 2019 program will be held on February 23rd to introduce students to opportunities to participate in a week-long camp and a 24-week internship.

Participation in a week-long camp includes learning how to construct, repair, and fly drones. Camp also includes guest speakers to inform students about how drones are being used in real-world applications.

24-week internship will explore the use of drones in addition to building on knowledge of constructing, repairing, and flying a drone. Students will also conduct field research and become FAA certified drone pilots.