Week 8: Science of Nature

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We hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Last week at EIS, the students participated in Ecology/Photography, Engineering, Biology, and 3D Printing! We also had a great presentation from Illumina about genetics and DNA! The students were able to extract the DNA from strawberries and learned about how DNA makes all of us unique. Shout out to our former instructors Caitlin and Erin for stopping by with Illumina to visit!

Click here to learn more about Illumina!

We got to see some amazing prehistoric skeletons during our field trip!
A student analyzes plant material under a microscope in Biology! The students learned about plant structure this week.
The students got to see a giant piece of nephrite jade at the natural history museum!
A student taking field notes in Ecology, the students learned about plant and animal adaptations this week!
Students observing a flower in Ecology. The students were able to pick a plant and observe its structure in more detail!
More amazing specimens from the Unshelved exhibit at The Nat!
The Natural History Museum has a new exhibit that highlights incredible specimens that were once in storage! The students had a great time observing the wall of mammal skulls.
We made a new friend during lunch!
The students were able to dissect and analyze different flowers in Biology this week!
One of our groups after they had finished collecting specimens for Biology!
The students got to pick which flowers they wanted to dissect!


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