Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend. Last week at EIS, students were able to learn more about renewable energy and the effects of pollution on the environment. A special shout-out to Kelly from Urban Corps of San Diego County for coming in and teaching students about city cleanups and waste disposal!

Click here to learn more about Urban Corps of San Diego and the North Water City Reclamation Plant.


–  scroll down to see pictures from this weeks events –

Students got to see and learned all about the water they use everyday at the Reclamation Plant!


Stay connected for the upcoming week where students explore Under the Sea and we take an adventurous field trip to the Scripps Institute of Oceanography!


In Environmental Science, they learned about 6R’s of Recycling and the effects of trash in our oceans. They even made habitats made from trash.

Here are some of their finished products!
Students testing the density of different plastics

In Photography, students learned about light sensitivity and used this to create sun paintings.

They also did light painting with glow sticks!
Learning how to edit images

In Chemistry, they learned about alternative fuels and launched oxy-hydrogen rockets.

Collecting oxygen gas from the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide
Launching their rockets!

In Engineering, they constructed robots with different goals for each day.

Playing soccer with robots!
Posing with their creation!

This week’s field trip was to Pure Water San Diego where students were able to learn about how water is treated after it goes down the drains. Scroll down to see some pictures from the trip.

Water before the treatment process
Water after the treatment process. It’s actually drinkable!

Bacteria found in the non-treated water