Week 5: Saltwater Buddies

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Alas a fun filled week 5 has come to a close, which means we have reached the end of our half way mark of Summer Camp! With Saltwater Buddies as our theme last week, you can expect much of our activities to have revolved around our oceans!

Click here to learn more about UV&Me and the Birch Aquarium!

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Students Loved getting up close and personal with the marine life at the Birch Aquarium!

Stay connected for the upcoming week where students explore Going Green and we take an adventurous field trip to the North Water City Reclamation Plant!

The students are designing and building their own battle bots in engineering this week!
The students learned about animal adaptations in the arctic in Marine Biology this week!
Making fossils in Chemistry with Ms. Roxanne! The students got to pick their own colors too!
In Engineering, they built robots resembling sea creatures and battled against each other.

The field trip this week was to the Birch Aquarium where students were able to learn about different creatures that lived in the ocean. They even had the opportunity to touch sea urchins and sea slugs in Tide Pool Plaza!

Students were able to learn about renewable energy and how mechanical action can be turned into power.
Superheroes of the ocean!
Look there’s Dory! Students learning about some of the fishes that live in the coral reefs.
Admiring the Giant Kelp Forest Exhibit
Birch Aquarium Scavenger Hunt
Sorting through different types of plankton and matching them to their consumers.


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