Week 4: Booming Biology

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It’s another wonderful Tuesday and we hope that everyone had a lovely weekend! Just as lovely was the time our campers had during week 4 of summer camp here at EIS! Our theme was Booming Biology, and not one minute was lacking excitement! We started the week with darkroom photography where the students had the chance to develop their pictures. The students also got to make paper rockets and test them out in Engineering. Then they learned about fermentation and made sourdough starter in Chemistry. They also looked at plant structures and learned how celery transports water in Biology! On Thursday, we had an incredible presentation from Project Wildlife where the students met a very unique opossum named Spinner! They also learned about resources for San Diego’s wildlife, and how wild animals are rehabilitated and returned to the wild. This week’s field trip was to the Living Coast Discovery Center! There, the students explored the beach and looked for small crabs. After lunch, they walked through the aquarium and learned about horned sharks, rays, and a special sea turtle named Sapphire. All in all, it was another fabulous week at EIS, filled with fun and learning!

Our students explored the garden this week and found some critters like this inch worm!
Students learned about redox reactions with this experiment in Chemistry.
Students worked in groups to determine the soil composition.
Students spent multiple sessions in the dark room for Photography class this week.
In engineering, students were able to put their creativity to the test with the Rokenbok sets this week.
In Biology, students learned about the classification of various organisms ranging from the black mamba to the immortal jellyfish. The students were then able to practice their presentation skills by researching an organism of their choice and classifying it.
Students were taught how to utilize chemicals to have their photographs appear.
The students demonstrate their ability to use chemicals for their photographs.
Students were able to examine their camera film to determine if they were satisfied with their photography shots.
On Thursday, the students learned about Spinner. She is an opossum who is being rehabilitated by Project Wildlife staff.
Our guest lecturer for the week was Carly from Project Wildlife, who spoke about how to help our planet and the importance of rehabilitating animals.
One of our students holding a crab at the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista! They learned about crustaceans and went crabbing with one of our guides.
The students also learned about horned sharks and were able to explore a touch tank with rays and shark eggs!
During breaks, the students got to work on our community garden! They planted tomatoes. sunflowers, and squash.


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