Week 10: Animal Planet

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Happy Tuesday! In this week’s classes, students were able to create animal-friendly cameras in Photography, design a humane animal trap in Engineering, and dissect owl pellets in Zoology. Our presenter from this week was Carly from Project Wildlife who encouraged students to be more conscious of the trash they are throwing away. This week’s field trip was to the San Diego Zoo, where our students were able to get up close and personal with a variety of animals ranging from African penguins, to polar bears and tigers.

Click here to learn more about Project Wild Life and the San Diego Zoo.

– Scroll down to see pictures from this weeks events! –

Students learned how multiple organisms are connected in a food web and what would occur if a species became extinct.
Students had the opportunity to create their own fish and ensure its survival based on various adaptations.
Students had the opportunity to extract information about various animals depending on their skulls.
Students measured the length of the available skulls to estimate the organism’s actual size.
Owl pellet dissection day! Students carefully break apart their owl pellets to not crush any of the bones inside.
Students had to work together to create a tower which could stand upright and support an animal.
These students are testing out one their ideas as they develop a humane animal trap.
Our students were super excited to showcase their developing animal traps throughout the week!
Our students had fun monkeying around at the San Diego Zoo!
Students were able to walk through the new Africa Rocks exhibit and visit the penguins!
Students were captivated by the baboons as they ran out of their hiding spots to play.
Students were able to face a jaguar as it roamed freely about its exhibit.
During their downtime, students were able to have fun with bubbles!
Students were able to enjoy the cool rush of the waterfall as they took a break.

Thank you campers for joining us this summer! The staff here at EIS is always sad to see the summer go but it’s never the end. EIS is available to students year round, so stay connected for our Fall session!



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