Meet the Instructor! Veronica Vasquez

Category: Ecology, Environmental Science, Geology, Instructors, Marine Biology, Science, STEM, Summer Camp


Education: Quest University Canada, San Diego City College

Studying: Environmental Science, Marine Biology

Teaches: Geology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, and Ecology

Fun Fact: “I am fluent in French and Spanish.”

“I started teaching at EIS in June of 2016. I attended EIS when I was younger and what I learned definitely had an impact on what I decided to study in college. I love teaching students about fossils and the geologic timescale, it’s really awesome to see how amazed they are about dinosaurs and ancient animals. My favorite lesson to teach is about fossils, the students get to analyze different marine and plant fossils, and then they get to make a plaster cast fossil replica to take home!”



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