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Category: Computer Science


Week 9: Engineering Adventures

We hope everybody is having a wonderful Tuesday! During Week 9 at EIS , our students tested their limits in problem-solving within our 6 classes–Biology, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science...

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Week 8: Science of Nature

We hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Last week at EIS, the students participated in Ecology/Photography, Engineering, Biology, and 3D Printing! We also had a great presentation from Illumina...

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Week 5: Saltwater Buddies

Alas a fun filled week 5 has come to a close, which means we have reached the end of our half way mark of Summer Camp! With Saltwater Buddies as...

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Summer week 2: Critters, Creatures, and Computer Science

Our young scientists had an amazing week 2 here at EIS! Last week’s theme was “Critters, Creatures, and Computer Science” Where we combine technology with the natural world and observed...

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Meet the Instructor! Anjelica Thang

Anjelica Thang Education: University of California, San Diego Degree(s): B.S. in Computer Engineering Teaches: Computer Science, Robotics, and girls Botball mentor Fun Fact: “I once owned 30 pigeons when I was...

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