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Category: Environmental Science


Week 8: Science of Nature

We hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Last week at EIS, the students participated in Ecology/Photography, Engineering, Biology, and 3D Printing! We also had a great presentation from Illumina...

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Week 6: Going Green

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend. Last week at EIS, students were able to learn more about renewable energy and the effects of pollution on...

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Meet the Instructor! Veronica Vasquez

VERONICA VASQUEZ Education: Quest University Canada, San Diego City College Studying: Environmental Science, Marine Biology Teaches: Geology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, and Ecology Fun Fact: “I am fluent in French and...

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Summer Week 8: Exploring Biodiversity

This week at EIS we will be focusing on Biodiversity and the different Ecosystems surrounding us. Students will start the week with a presentation from Outdoor Outreach, where the presenters...

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Teton Science Schools Summer Camp

This summer EIS sent a group of high school students to Yellow Stone to attend the Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools! As winners of an EIS essay competition, five...

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Summer Week 5: Machines in Motion

This week at EIS we’ll be focusing on machines in motion! Our highlighted activities are in Robotics and Engineering class. Throughout the week in these classes, students will work on...

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